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Hardware Design

1. Schematic Design

Translate System Requirements: We break down complex system requirements into detailed circuit diagrams, ensuring every component and connection aligns with your project’s goals.

Clear & Concise Schematics: We create easy-to-understand schematics using industry-standard symbols and best practices, enabling seamless collaboration and future modifications.

Industry-Standard Tools: We utilize leading design software like Altium Designer, OrCAD, and KiCad, ensuring compatibility with industry norms and future needs.

pcb design

2. PCB Design

High-Performance PCBs: We design PCBs optimized for signal integrity, power efficiency, and thermal management, guaranteeing reliable performance in demanding environments.

Advanced Routing Techniques: Our skilled engineers utilize advanced routing techniques for complex designs, minimizing crosstalk and ensuring signal quality.

Expert Component Selection:We carefully select components based on performance, reliability, and availability, ensuring optimal functionality and cost-effectiveness.

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CAD Design

1. Mechanical CAD Design

We offer a comprehensive suite of mechanical CAD design services to help you bring your product ideas to life. Our team of experienced engineers has the expertise to handle all aspects of the design process, from conceptualization to detailed drawings. Our design capabilities include but are not limited to, the following

Conceptual Design: We collaborate closely with you to translate your vision into a clear and feasible design concept.
Jigs & Fixture Design: We create custom jigs and fixtures that ensure consistent quality and efficiency in your manufacturing processes.
Mechanical CAD Design
3D Modeling : Our team generates detailed and accurate 3D models for comprehensive design analysis and visualization.
Mechanical Drafting: We produce clear and concise mechanical drawings that meet industry standards
and ensure accurate manufacturing.
Sheet Metal Design: We specialize in sheet metal design, utilizing advanced techniques to optimize
material usage and fabrication processes.
Components/Parts Design & Development: We design and develop individual parts or complete
assemblies,ensuring optimal functionality and manufacturability.
Product Design & Development: We take your product from concept to completion, covering all aspects
of mechanical design and development.
Vacuum Systems Design: We have extensive experience in designing complex vacuum systems for
various applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
Reverse Engineering Solutions: We utilize advanced scanning and modeling techniques to recreate
existing parts or products, providing valuable insights and design data.
Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

2. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Cost-Effective Production: We design products with manufacturing constraints in mind, ensuring they can be produced efficiently and cost-effectively.

Materials & Processes: We consider material selection, fabrication processes, and assembly techniques to optimize production while maintaining quality.

Collaboration with Partners: We collaborate closely with our in-house manufacturing experts to ensure designs translate seamlessly into real-world production.

3. Rapid Prototyping

Faster Iteration & Validation: We utilize rapid prototyping technologies additive manufacturing to create physical prototypes quickly, enabling faster design validation and feedback.

Reduced Time to Market: Rapid prototyping accelerates the development process, allowing you to bring your product to market quicker.

Enhanced Communication: Physical prototypes facilitate better communication and collaboration between stakeholders, ensuring a clear vision for the final product.

Rapid Prototyping
Design for Assembly (DFA)

4. Design for Assembly (DFA)

Ease of Assembly & Maintenance: We design products that are easy to assemble and maintain, minimizing complexity and reducing costs.

Configurable Design: We employ configurable design principles to simplify assembly and disassembly, enabling easier maintenance and repair.

Clear Documentation: We provide clear and concise documentation with assembly instructions and maintenance procedures for efficient product use and support.

5. Design for Testing (DFT)

Testable & Verifiable Designs: We design products with built-in test points and self-test capabilities, facilitating efficient and comprehensive testing throughout the development process.

Fault Detection & Diagnosis: Our DFT strategies enable faster identification and resolution of potential issues, ensuring product quality and reliability.

Reduced Testing Costs: Streamlined testing processes for reduced testing costs.

Design for Testing (DFT)
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Cable Harnessing

In the domain of embedded electronic systems and mechanical products for the Defence, Naval, Aviation, Space, and other Allied industries; FDSS develops and supply various precision Electrical Wiring Harness and Cables, Applications range from aircraft to ground support to testing interfaces. Our team of experts, with years of invaluable experience, precisely designs, develops, and integrates wire harnesses to meet stringent requirements, ensuring seamless functionality in mission-critical operations. We specialize in developing signal and power wiring/cable harnesses that are precisely tailored to the customer demands.

Our IPC/MIL-certified team displays excellent expertise and ensures absolute products. Committed to both quality and cost-effectiveness, we offer the highest standard wire harness solutions at competitive prices, making us your go-to choice.

Our potential for cables includes,

  • Sealed harnesses (ATC, Nomex, Nylon)
  • RF cable assemblies
  • Mil-Spec wires
  • Coaxial cables
  • Aviation-grade wires
  • Power cables
  • Moulded cable assembly
  • High-speed cable assembly
  • Highly flexible cable
  • Micro coaxial cable
  • Flexible Flat cable
  • LVDS Cable assembly
  • Twisted pair cables
  • CAN Bus cables
  • Ethernet cables

FDSS Industries goal is customer satisfaction. We are committed to meeting the customer requirements and providing the highest quality electrical wiring interconnects, ignition leads, and flexible channels.Our production facility offers long run, large volume manufacturing capabilities backed with value added engineering support. These features have made FDSS a leading supplier within the military community. Our extensive experience with wiring interconnect products allows us to work with our customers in developing the best possible product for the given application. We recognize the need for minimum weight, maximum reliability, maintainability, and cost effectiveness.Our interconnect products support a variety of airborne and ground applications for both the military and commercial sectors

Market we Serve

1. Defence Industry

Military Vehicle Wiring Harnesses: Customized wiring solutions for military vehicles, including combat tanks, and more.

Aircraft Wiring Harnesses: Specialized harnesses for fighter jets, transport planes, and helicopters.

Communications Systems: Wiring for secure communication systems used in defence applications.

Missile and Weapon Systems: Wiring for missile guidance systems and weapon control.

Defence Industry
Aviation Industry

2. Aviation Industry

Aircraft Wiring Harnesses: Harnesses for military aircraft, ensuring reliable electrical connections.

Avionics Systems: Wiring for avionics equipment such as navigation systems, communication systems, and flight control systems.

3. Space Industry

Spacecraft Wiring Harnesses: High-reliability harnesses designed for the extreme conditions of space.

Satellite Wiring: Wiring for satellite payloads, ensuring precise connectivity for scientific instruments and communication devices.

Interconnects for Space Stations: Specialized harnesses for space station modules and components.

Space Industry
Railway Products

4. Railway Products

Rail Vehicle Wiring Harnesses: Customized wiring solutions for locomotives, passenger trains, and more.

Control and Monitoring Systems: Harnesses for control and monitoring equipment used in railway infrastructure.

Power Distribution: Harnesses designed for efficient power distributions within the main engine and following rail compartments.

Safety System Wiring: Harnesses for safety-critical systems, and emergency responses.

5.Electronic Warfare and Radar Subsystems

Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) Harnesses: Wiring for ECM systems used to disrupt enemy radar and communication systems.

Radar System Wiring: Harnesses for radar installations, including phased-array radar systems.

Signal Processing Harnesses:Wiring solutions for advanced signal processing equipment.

Electronic Warfare and Radar Subsystems
RF and Microwave Subsystems

6.RF and Microwave Subsystems

RF Signal Transmission: Harnesses designed to handle radio frequency (RF) and microwave signals in communication and radar systems.

Antenna Wiring: Wiring solutions for antennas used in various applications, including defence, aerospace and allied market sectors.

7.Turnkey Solutions

Custom Integration Services: Offering full turnkey solutions, including custom harness design, manufacturing, and system integration.

Rapid Prototyping: Quick development and prototyping of wiring solutions to meet specific requirements, technology advancements, and evolving needs of Defence, Naval, Aviation, Space, and other Allied industries.

Turnkey Solutions


Custom Vehicle Wiring Harness: We design, and manufacture-wiring harness tailored to the specific needs of automotive manufacturers, ensuring optimal electricity connectivity.

Safety Systems Wiring: We assure to meet stringent requirements the seamless functionality of complex systems such as airbags systems, ABS braking, and other safety features, enhancing passenger protection.

Truck and Bus Wiring Harnesses: Customized harnesses for commercial vehicles, optimizing electrical connections for heavy-duty applications.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles:  Specialized and comprehensive harnesses for electric and hybrid vehicles, managing the high-voltage components, batteries, and charging systems, ensuring efficient power distribution and optimizing the integration of internal combustion and electric power sources.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Wiring for sensors, cameras, and radar systems used in ADAS, enhancing vehicle safety features, and automation.

Infotainment and Connectivity:  Wiring solutions for modern infotainment systems, navigation, and connectivity features.

Autonomous vehicles: Comprehensive harnesses designed to support the electrical needs of self-driving vehicles, sensor integration, data transmission, GPS tracking, telematics, data collection, and communication in modern vehicles, enabling diagnostics.

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Firmware Development

Custom Firmware & Drivers: We design and develop efficient, reliable firmware and device drivers tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless hardware-software integration and communication with various peripherals.

Real-Time Expertise: Our expertise in Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) guarantees efficient management of complex interactions and tasks within your embedded system.

Comprehensive Solutions: We offer a comprehensive suite of services including custom firmware development, driver creation, RTOS integration, and thorough testing to deliver robust and reliable embedded systems.


Hardware Configuration & Customization: We configure devices like FPGAs and SoCs, and develop custom logic blocks, extending functionalities beyond standard capabilities.

Diverse Peripheral Support: Our expertise covers various peripherals like sensors, actuators, and communication interfaces, ensuring smooth operation and control.

Rigorous Testing:We conduct comprehensive testing to guarantee the proper functionality and performance of your programmed device.

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Software Development

Mission-Critical Expertise: Craft intricate software solutions for demanding Defence and Aerospace systems, adhering to strict ANSI-C and MISRA standards for compatibility and reliability.

Comprehensive Capabilities: Address all your software needs, from resource-constrained 8-bit microcontrollers to powerful 64-bit architectures (single/multicore).

Advanced Services: Leverage our expertise in embedded OS porting, BSP development, application & UX design, custom API creation, full Android customization, and software optimization.
Software Development

Continuous Improvement: We stay ahead of the curve by leveraging the latest tools and libraries, conducting pre-market testing, focusing on user experience, and tracking design efficiency and quality.